4 False Beliefs About Love

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Science is now proving the very damaging effects that 'lack of love', human contact, and cuddles etc has on babies and young children. When children who aren't given love and attention are moved to foster parents or adopted, and are then given much love and attention, they blossom and grow from the love they are given.

Love has the power to heal, emotional and physical issues.  Many ailments can be caused by lack of love, addictions in particular are very much due to not feeling loved, wanted and cared for.

Of course, the damage isn't just from not feeling or being loved as a baby or young child. You may have had parents, teachers and people around you who had very set ideas on how you would behave, grow up, act and basically who you would be. If you weren't allowed to feel, be and express your 'True Self' as a child or teenager, then this will also have had a very damaging effect on you and will have influenced your beliefs around love and being loved.

So many people grow up with huge issues around the emotions 'unloved', 'lack of love', 'unwanted', 'not good enough' which can cause false beliefs about love, making it very challenging to move out lack of love and trusting in love. 

These beliefs need to be released to have an open heart and allow love to flow freely.

So what are these false beliefs that are keeping us from opening up to feeling love?

1. Love Hurts
This is so not true. All energy has a vibration and Pure Love is the vibration of Pure, which is a very high, beautiful energy that cannot hurt us.

So what is it that hurts us? The lack of love, the being rejected, the fear of being rejected again. These are all low vibrations that are actually the opposite of love.

2. It Safer to Shut Down
When we shut ourselves off from trusting in love and allowing love in, we are actually stopping the flow of love from connecting to us.

If we take the visual example of a flowing stream as being love energy, if we dam up the stream then the water stops flowing and stagnates in a pool above the dam. The same happens with our energy, if we dam it up then we stop the flow and create blockages causing emotional and physical disharmony in our bodies and lives.

3. Not Feeling the Purity of True Pure Unconditional Love.
Most people associate love with arguments and falling out, but as in No 1 above, Pure Love is Pure. It does not argue, does not need to prove it is right, in fact it doesn't need to do anything other than freely flow and in so doing raising the vibration of those it touches.

Many people have never experienced the feeling of unconditional love and concept of someone just giving, with no motive other than to feel love is quite foreign to them, and probably makes them suspicious!

When you understand energy and vibrations, and know that:-

  •  A Pure High Vibration is Pure and only Pure. 
  • 'Pure Love' cannot be hurt or rejection,  
  • They are low vibrations which are different opposite energies to Pure Love.
Understanding that a low vibration cannot be a high vibration really can change our perspective. We all understand that anger and peace are opposite vibrations /emotions and totally different, and this exactly is the same as love and rejection. 

Love is Pure.
Rejection is not pure.

4. Our Minds Know Best
Wow, is this a scary one!! Going back in time, people lived in harmony with nature and their feelings. They trusted what they felt to be true, and followed their feelings and inner guidance and life was good, harmonious and in balance.

Our heart energy or our feelings, are 5,000 times more powerful in affecting and changing the energy around us than our thoughts and minds. Science has even proven this! Yet there is so much programming around beliefs, thoughts and thinking your way through your life.

Everyone is looking for a secret magical key to instantly change their lives. Well the key is to connect to your feelings, trust them and follow them! And if everyone did this then it would be easy to do, but society is very thought and belief based, so we are made to feel wrong for living from our hearts and feelings.

Now for some TRUTH!

  • Love Heals!
  • Love is Pure & Beautiful!
  • Love is Powerful!
  • Love Combined with Divine Integrity & Truth is Love & Light  
- Our Pure Inner Being, Wisdom & Power of Creation -

Pure Love shared between like minded aware souls is so powerful that just 'Being in Love' will create a raise in vibration for those connecting to this love.

So which do you want to connect with, love or the opposite of love?
Which are you connecting to with your current awareness & beliefs?
Wouldn't you prefer to flow love and live in the highest, purest energy there is?

If you don't know feel love and have felt feelings of unloved, unwanted or rejected, then I have created an audio program to really change your inner energies/magnets, so that you can start to feel 'Pure Love' flow to your heart. When we 'open our heart energy' and live through feelings then we shift vibrations and Divine magic really starts to work for us!

Sending lots of Pure Love & Light energy to you!
Blessings Michelle

Images from pixie bay

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