Truth and Integrity - Do They Exist Today?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Yes of course they do! Many, many people are very kind, caring souls and live with 'Truth and Integrity'. So why this article? 

Well there are many more who don't live in 'Truth and Integrity' and many of those are in high positions of power, with much money and have great influence over our lives.

If we were to slightly change the question to:- Truth and Integrity - Do They Exist in:- 

  • Companies, 
  • Government, 
  • Finance, 
  • Education, 
  • Health & Drug Companies etc then the answer would be a BIG NO in most cases!
That, of course, is not to say there aren't many of the above that do have 'Truth and Integrity', however, the underlying power and funding behind many of them is corrupt.

If you ask any sensible parent or teacher, they will tell you that the best way to educate children is through fun and play. Science has proven that we learn more when we are happy and remember more too! 

So why then, are children made to sit in chairs that ruin their posture, for hours on end, in boring lessons, that they dislike, remembering pointless facts, that they will never need in their lives, to pass exams, to be considered successful by society? All common sense and ability to question is programmed out of them, so they will blindly follow the system and do what the system wants.

Let's take another example, health and drug companies. I mean in this day and age, with all the research there is, can drug companies really not come up with better medicines to cure diseases with fewer side effects? Or is it true, that if they did, they would have no repeat sales and profits. They sell sub-standard products to keep us needing more, so they have repeat sales and huge profits. 
(I mean in some countries, you pay your doctor to keep you well, and if you become ill the treatment is free. Haven't we got it a little backwards?)

Many people are very aware of all of the above, and they are taking action to share this information so this whole issue can change. Especially as this lack of integrity is a big issue in finance, governments and so many companies that really influence our health and lives. (GMO, chem-trails, fracking and so much more.)

What I find alarming and upsetting is when this lack of integrity spreads into companies that you would expect to have very high integrity and moral standards, and to know better, such as those who teaching and promoting self-help. 

We expect them to be 'walking their talk' and 'leading by example'.

However, this is often not the case, as I found out myself, and it was a very expensive mistake! Let me share this experience with you, so that you will relate to it, and hopefully avoid a similar issue happening in any area of your life.

My book, Loving You had just been published by Balboa Press and I was totally excited and floating on cloud 9, (and jumping up and down!)

The marketing department contacted me to sell me various very expensive marketing packages. In the sales call, I am told everything I want to hear! Naturally, this is repeated several times during the call, by their best sales manager, "you can appear on global TV and radio stations, this is the way to get your book out there worldwide, to become well-known and have a best seller, you are an amazing person, an inspiration to us all, we will take over your Twitter and Facebook accounts and build you following, and if Hay House sees you doing well then they may publish 'Loving You' under their label", and so on.

Whilst the 'truths' that would make you think twice about purchasing are left out; the amazing person raving about you and your book will not be the person doing your promotion work. In fact, the company you are paying will not be the company doing the marketing work either! It will be subcontracted out to a marketing company who will treat you and your book like a number in a factory, ticking boxes and following a system with no care at all if your sales are good or not. I mean they get paid regardless of what the results are, why should they care?  It's just a job to them. 

In case you are wondering, what did I actually receive from what was sold on the sales call?

No TV interviews, No radio interviews. No tweets. No Facebook posts. No global awareness and no real sales to warrant the huge cost!

I have good abilities to discern and I did discern and check with my guidance before purchasing, so what went wrong and how was I so misled?

Well, the reason I trusted Balboa Press with Loving You was because of Louise Hay. I have admired her work for years and am inspired by her motto of 'serving the people'. The marketing package was way more than I could afford, but I trusted I would recoup my money in sales.  

  • I trusted Balboa Press, because it is a subsidiary of Louise Hay
  • Louise Hay has an amazing positive reputation for 'serving the people'
  • So naturally, I assumed that all her companies would be living by this principle and following her example
  • I totally trusted and assumed that Balboa Press would be serving me
  • & they would be enthusiastic about marketing 'Loving You' worldwide, so that I could spread my work and also 'serve the people'
  • As the publishing of Loving You was done by Balboa Press and that had totally exceeded my expectations
  • It totally never occurred to me that Balboa Press would not be doing the marketing themselves
  • I believed in Louise Hay, her motto and the sales manager 
  • So I believed I would get an amazing service and results. Unfortunately, I didn't. 

To avoid expensive upsets like this we need to be more aware. So many of us are just so honest and trusting, that we think and assume others are too. It really doesn't occur to us that people and companies, especially those working in self-help, would not be totally in integrity with the image they are portraying. 

The more aware we become about everything, the safer we are! 

We need to ask many questions to check and double check that we are not being taken for a ride, such as:-

  • Do I trust this person / company?
  • Do they have a Divine Intention?
  • Will they be the ones working with me or for me?
  • Have I been given all of the information?
  • What have I not been told?
  • Have I done additional research to check no one else has had issues with this.
  • Do they have a money back guarantee?
  • What is my gut feeling now and every step of the way?
'Every step of the way' is in bold for a reason, because my gut feeling was good and I felt happy when booking with the sales manager, as I believed in her and trusted her. When I found out that she wouldn't be doing the marketing work for me, and that it was being sub-contracted out, then I didn't feel good - alarm bells ringing!! - but I didn't cancel, I didn't reassess, instead I re-ran the sales talk I had been sold and told myself it would be alright, but it wasn't!

So every step of the way, keep checking how you feel - whatever your issue or situation and if you start to feel bad, then that is a message that something is wrong. Don't ignore it, like I did, because you will regret it later - and we cannot go back in time and change it! 

Trying to fix it afterwards is not easy, many companies are only interested in taking your money, and will ignore you afterwards. They are so sales focused that they don't care about their customers and good customer service, having the attitude 'plenty more fish in the sea'. 

We can feel powerless to large companies or we can speak out and share when a wrong has happened, so others don't get caught in the same way. If one person benefits from this reading this article, then my time spent writing it has been time well spent.

There are people and companies who have Truth and Integrity. 

I have since found one, Books Go Social. I was somewhat dubious to spend more money marketing Loving You, but Books Go Social had a money back guarantee, so I decided to give it a go.

The information I have been given in just over a week is incredible, all the things I should have been told by my publisher and more! Also, I have received such caring support and emails from the business owner, Laurence, because he is an author and he knows the issues authors face and he cares! Not to mention the amazing Facebook group Laurence runs, that connects authors to support each other with tips and advice.

All this for a fraction of the cost! An incredibly amazing service from Books Go Social, in comparison to the overpriced and terrible marketing from Balboa Press. 

So always discern, keep checking all is well and don't assume! 

If you don't know how to discern, there are articles here on my blog to help you, so do check them out!

Connecting to Our Souls
How do You Know if a Belief is Truth or not?

Love & Blessings Michelle

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