Are You Getting Messages You're not Acting on?

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Have you ever found yourself doing something that you really never thought you would do? 

In fact, you're not even sure you want to do it, but you keep getting or hearing messages telling you to do this!

Well this is exactly what happened to me a year ago, when I was taking one of my walks along the beach. This is one of my ways of switching off, but quite often it's a time when guidance comes flowing through! (Really, invading my quiet time!)

The message was 'write a book' and I kept hearing it. To start with I just ignored it, but it didn't go away! So I decided I needed to chat to my guidance about this -

Me -  'What do you mean write a book? I'm not a writer, I can't write a book!

Guidance - 'Yes you can! You write all the time, emails, Facebook posts, blogs. You need to write a book'

Me - 'Ah but that's different, just small articles or tips and advice. I can't write a whole book!'

Guidance - 'YES YOU CAN! It's just lots of emails and tips added together to make a longer tip or piece of advice, just start writing, YOU CAN DO IT!'

So, as my guidance usually persists until I follow the request, I started to write my book, Loving You. My very first words were 'I have no idea what to write, but I've been told to write a book, so I'm typing away and hoping that some inspiration comes!'

This seemed to work well! I have discovered that if I start to write, (or talk if being interviewed) that inspiration will flow, I just need to take action to start the flow! Later, I came back and deleted that paragraph, as it's not a great opening to a book!

So my message to you in this article is to:-

  • Follow your guidance
  • Trust
  • Know that YOU CAN do more than you believe you can!

If I hadn't followed my guidance and the tips above, then Loving You would never have been written. Already I have received such heart felt thanks from my clients who have read this book and really value and appreciate the information in it and healing energies infused into it!

"I have literally bought thousands of self help books in the past and can say this is like no other I have ever read, it is so very unique, it has so much information in it, it totally blows you away!

So very powerful. The energy of the book totally jumps out at you ....

I also love the humour and the way the chapters flow... 

It is very easy to understand even for people who have not experienced any Energy Healing or don't really understand the concept of being in High vibes ...

I found a lot of the stuff very enlightening and made me realise that even small changes make a big difference. I will definitely be reading this hundreds of times, its the type of book you turn to again and again. It is such an amazing investment and will never ever go out of date"  Isha  UK

May you enjoy reading your copy of Loving You as much as Isha and many other happy readers! Please do share your comments with me and post a positive review on amazon if you love Loving You!

Signed copies can be ordered direct from me.

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