Why You Don't Need to Know it All Before You Start!

Monday, November 09, 2015

Do you have a passion, dream or idea that you would like to follow, and have a few reasons why you should not make a start?

Such as:-

  • I don't know enough
  • I'm not good enough
  • People will judge me
  • I'm not an expert
  • Other people are just better than me or know more
  • I might not do well or fail

These or any other reasons, really aren't a good enough reason not to start, because for everyone, it is a process of taking small steps regularly that brings in an end result.

I had no idea about writing a book, before I started to write Loving You - Discover Your True Inner Self, and even less of an idea about how to get it published and as for marketing, well we won't go there!

There was this inner feeling that I needed to share what I knew to help others, and it wasn't going to go away! So, finally I did start to write Loving You and from writing the first paragraph, which was later deleted, to now, sharing Loving You to help and inspire others to take action,  has been a step by step learning process.

Everyone feels overwhelmed at times, and everyone comes up against obstacles that they need to find out how to overcome. 

In my opinion, what makes someone successful is this:-

  •  Stay Connected to Your Inner Passion
  • Believe in Yourself - You CAN achieve more than you think you can!
  • Determination - keep going 
  • Ask Questions and Seek Answers
  • Have an Emergency To Do List for Times of Crisis!
  • Take Time Out, especially when you feel overloaded
  • Know that Rome wasn't built in a day - the most famous person took time to get known!
  • Rejection and disappointments are part of the process - don't take it personally
  • What others think and say is a reflection of them not you!

When we believe in our passion and stay connected to this passion, it fuels us to keep going. Have inspiring photos, quotes, books and blog articles that connect you to your passion, so when the going gets tough, you are ready and prepared.

Accept that part of the process is having tough days, and challenges are going to crop up! No one achieved anything without having obstacles to overcome.

Take one step at a time. We all had to learn to walk before we could run, and we didn't give up trying to walk as toddlers when we fell down either! So get that 'toddler spirit of adventure' back and go for it!

Believing in yourself is so important, because if you don't believe you can do it, then why will anyone else? This is the foundation for everything in life. 

Self belief comes from loving yourself and this is why I was guided to write Loving You, because if we don't truly and deeply love ourselves, then it is going to be difficult to be successful at anything. It is so hard not to take rejection and criticism personally if we don't have that strong, inner self love and belief.

Whatever you want to do and achieve, learning to love yourself unconditionally will hugely enhance your life and everything you do.

At just $3.99 kindle or $8.99 paperback, it could well be the most important investment you make - in yourself, your life and your future.

Loving You sat on my computer for about a year, after a several rejection letters, before I was pushed by the universe to take action and get it published. The message I got was, 'it's not helping anyone just sitting on your computer', so my passion to help others was reignited and it was published in a couple of months!

The day I held the first copy of Loving You in my hand was an amazing day - one I never even dreamed of and one that I will never forget!

You CAN make your dreams come true, but it starts with believing in yourself and Loving You!

photo from pixie bay.com

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