Are You a Light Worker? - 7 Qualities of a True Divine Light Worker.

Friday, August 21, 2015

What Makes Someone a Light Worker?

Well I expect everyone will have many different answers to this question, but I have been guided to write this post to 'Shine some Truth' on Light & Light Workers.

A lot of people think a Light Worker is someone who gets paid for sharing their spiritual gifts, but Light Work covers a much wider spectrum than just this.

There will be many people who ARE Light Workers, who probably don't think they are because they aren't getting paid for spiritual type work. Truth is you may well be a more powerful Light Worker than many of the people you look admire and look up to!

Believe in You - Shine Your Light!

So what are the qualities of a genuine Pure Divine Light Worker?

1. Having an open heart, feeling and being compassionate and caring towards others.

2. Caring about the world and environment & taking action to safeguard it.

3. Seeing the wrong & injustice in the world and not being afraid to speak out and stand up for Divine Truth.

4. Taking action in your own time, separate from being paid, to change the vibration of the world. Sending Love & Light to the world and issues that need it, Sending Divine Energies / Praying for Light to fill our World and asking for 'Heaven on Earth' to be created so we can live in peace, harmony, pure love and happiness.

5. Walking Your Talk! Truly believing in the Power of Pure Love & Light and living with this intention. To be in Divine Integrity you need to 'live Love & Light' and not have a human life that is out of alignment with Divine Intention.

6. Being able to discern and to know and feel what is Divine Truth. To know that this is Truth even when others around you don't believe it. To feel a powerful inner force that is so strong you cannot ignore it!

7. To Live from an open heart and soul and through your feelings. As in No 6 above, when you do this, you are powerfully guided through your feelings to take the right action and cannot be controlled by your mind or society. As in No 3, you speak out for Divine Truth because it feels so wrong to do nothing.

So you may not yet have all of the qualities above, but if you resonate with them and feel you are living in alignment with at least 3 or 4 and working towards the others then you ARE a Light Worker and it has nothing to do with how you earn your money!

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