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Thursday, November 05, 2015


Would You like to WIN a 
 Free Personally Signed Copy 
of Loving You?

5 Personally Signed Copies of 'Loving You' will be mailed out to the winners, totally free, including delivery!

Follow the easy steps below to enter 
'WIN a Signed Copy of Loving You'.

How to Enter:-

1. Post this link:- on your Facebook profile page or Google+, with a short paragraph about "Loving You', that will inspire a reader to click the link and find out more!


Visit my Facebook page and share from my page, adding your own paragraph about Loving You, to inspire clicks on your link!

2. Email the url of your profile page, showing the link to - Subject -  'Win a Signed Copy of Loving You'.

Include the name and address, (with post code and country), that you wish the book to be signed and sent to in your email.

3. Competiton ends 30th November 2015.

Signed copies will be posted to the winners in December.

Be Creative with your post & Good Luck! :)

For inspiration on what to write in your post check out these links and reviews:-

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