BREXIT - What Now?

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Britan is leaving the EU by majority vote. This is major change and shift.

Those of you who are aware of the Global Shift should not be too surprised that this is happening, because major global shift into Light and abundance for all requires major global changes.

If we keep doing the same thing we will get the same results! 

For the majority in Britain, lives have got worse not better under EU rule, which is why they have voted to leave. This does not mean that British people don't love all people in the EU and the whole world, or that they don't want to connect with the EU, visit EU countries or trade in business with EU countries. 

It means that all the rules and legislation placed on Britain made the average person feel they have no control over what happens to them and their country. This movie BREXIT is very informative and eye opening, for example did you know:
  • The EU has 31 regulations about toothbrushes!!
  • There are over 10,000 EU delegates that get paid more than our Prime Minister 
  • The rules and legislation piled high would be the height of Nelson's Column - now that is A LOT of rules!!

What is most important right now is that we choose Pure Love, Light and Peace.

We need to remember that Pure Love:
  • Is unconditional and loves regardless of beliefs
  • Does not judge
  • Is kind, caring and compassionate
  • Looks for solutions and ways to make everything work out
Whatever beliefs we may have had about the EU election it is now done, and we need to move forwards. The day of the election I watched scenes of anger in London and whilst there will be high emotions as people hear the results and need to take on board what has happened, everyone needs to release those emotions in a positive and moral way.

Hate and anger are very negative emotions that feed evil and start wars. We need to fill our world with much Pure Love, Light and Peace to keep the vibration of our world high, so it is easier for us to work out the differences and create a more abundant and peaceful way of living for all.

I recorded this video with a short transmission to add more Pure Love, Light and Peace to the world. Please do watch it and soak up the energies and share with as many people as possible. The channeled transmission is a quieter volume than the talking part of the video, because the channeled energies are very pure and loving and this is how I receive the channeling, so you may want to turn up your volume for the transmission, or just close your eyes and feel the energies.

It is good that change is happening! We are very programmed to not like change, but life can only get better if it changes from what it is now. So embrace the walls that are being knocked down and send Pure Love, Light, Peace and Divine guidance to all new changes, decisions and events that affect us.

Sending much Pure Love, Light and Peace to you to feel calm and spread peace and calm out to the world. Let's all now choose :

  • Love and Light over hate 
  • Peace over war
  • Pure over evil
  • Compassion and caring over systems, rules and regulations
  • Giving over greed and selfishness
  • Looking after our environment over pollution and destroying our earth
  • The power of people over the control of the elite
  • The power of the universe and Pure Source over human systems and false beliefs.
Together we have the power to change our world into the world we desire, when we unite in Pure Love, Light, Peace and Truth.

Love, Light & Blessings Michelle

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