July & Beyond!

Sunday, July 03, 2016

What lies ahead?

The global energies have been very intense from before the Summer Solstice and Full Moon to now and they will continue to be intense because the planets are working for us to create a World Filled with Pure Love, Light & Abundance for All, whilst living in Divine Integrity.

We are experiencing huge global shift and to give you a visual example of knocking down the wall between two rooms to make a big larger room, we have much dust, debris and chaos as the changes are made, well a huge energy wall has been knocked down, false beliefs and programs are being seen, acknowledged and are being shifted out and now that barrier has gone there is much 'energy dust' floating around, some Light energy and some dark, all mixed together and swirling around.

This makes life more challenging and can make discerning more difficult, the clearness between Light and dark, moral and immoral is all murky and mixed up right now, so we need to look closer and feel more deeply to discern.

As always we have free choice as to what we connect to - Light or dark, Pure or evil but sometimes it doesn't feel like we have free choice when we are being so attacked. The choice we have when we are being attacked is how we react and respond, are we going to do all we can to FILL WITH LOVE & LIGHT, play your protection audio, use crystals, oils, incense, protection cards etc because whilst this may sound extreme we need to know that what we are living through right now is extreme!! If we don't take extreme action to choose Light and be in control of our lives then dark will take hold and totally enjoy wrecking havoc with our lives.

You all know that I believe knowledge is empowering, so know that now is a very challenging time for everyone, huge change is happening and most people don't like change so nearly everyone is being triggered and we are interacting with all these triggered people - so huge fireworks going off!! 

We need to choose to be calm, fill with peace and not get dragged into drama and stories that are not ours.

So please work extra hard and diligently on your protection work and Filling work, it will make a huge difference! 

I have various audios for Protection and Filling with Love & Light, and now also a new Pure Light Protection Card which you can carry around with you to stay feeling protected all the time.

As well as a great selection of audios, my work also includes Remote Protection Work, Membership Group to chat to like minded souls on-line and Personal Sessions to find those hidden energies that are keeping your stuck! So don't suffer alone, check out how me and my work can help you and float into higher vibrations to have an easier ride through the coming months and intense global change that is occurring.

Michelle Carter

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