Truth and Beliefs - Do You Know the Difference?

Saturday, April 09, 2016

What is Truth and what is a belief?

Those of you who know me well, which is probably most of you if you regularly read my blog articles and follow my work,  will know that I don't blindly believe all spiritual teachings and beliefs and that I question most beliefs that I hear. This has come about through the feelings I have when I hear something. If it doesn't feel good then it is not coming from Pure Source.

In Awaken to Peace I talk about the two sources of energy - Pure and evil and that everything comes from one source or the other. I know that not everyone believes this and even hearing this will create fear and shut some people down, but the Truth doesn't change deepening on whether we believe it or! To prevent this fear and people shutting down, I show how we can disconnect from fear so we feel safe to open up to learning and knowing the Truth.

Truth is Truth regardless of what we believe!

The Truth is Truth regardless of what we all believe and it is true for all energy, all people, all beings. Truth is 'Universal', so for example, the Law of Gravity is Truth. Everything on earth will fall to the ground if not supported. It doesn't matter what we believe, where we live, what our parents or teachers said, what the government is or isn't doing; if we let go of an object it will fall to the ground - Universal Law.

A belief is linked to certain individuals and isn't true for everyone, it is just something those people believe. If we were brought up in another country then we would have different beliefs. If you were brought up to be a Christian then you will have Christian beliefs, if you had been born to a Muslim family then you would have Muslim beliefs. Some people are brought up with religious beliefs and then choose a different religion, spirituality or to have no fixed beliefs. All beliefs are taught to us and are different depending on who is giving out the information. None of these beliefs act like the Law of Gravity as having the same affect on all, so they are beliefs and not Truth.

Most of our world issues, wars and conflict come from people defending beliefs that are just opinions and not Truth. If people could just understand the difference between Truth and beliefs then the world would be a much happier, kinder, caring and more peaceful place.

As people become more aware they can see and feel the difference between a belief and Truth. We can be open to allowing others to have their beliefs without being offended or upset or feeling we need to change who they are or what they believe.

Truth is we cannot change anyone unless they want to be changed. The more anyone forces their beliefs on others, the more resistance there will to hearing them and listening with an open heart. This is because our heart energy is a pure energy that repels 'force'. We feel and learn through our heart energy when we feel safe, happy and supported by high vibrations such as love, compassion and caring.

Truth comes from Pure Source. 
Force comes from an evil source. 

When someone is trying to force a belief on someone else they are connecting to evil to do this, because Pure does not force, not ever.

When people or healers are telling others that they have to forgive or they will never heal, they are using evil energy to do this. Pure energy will support the person, feel their pain and focus on healing their pain through compassion, caring and guiding them step by step through a process of acceptance and releasing that will work for them.

People who try to force beliefs on others have a 'need to be right', whilst those knowing the Truth already 'know that Truth is right' and that Truth will always Shine through.

Sure, we have been through some dark times where Truth was so hidden it was like it didn't exist, but so many people are awakening now that the Truth can no longer be hidden. 

We all need to choose between Truth and beliefs.
We all need to choose between Pure and evil.

Awaken to Peace has been written to walk you through this process in an easy and light-hearted manner. I have received many compliments on what an 'easy to read writing style' I have, so open your heart and help create World Peace by reading Awaken to Peace. All of our lives will improve as we all choose Pure over evil.

Help the World Awaken to Peace. Choose Pure Love & Light.

Love, Light, Peace & Blessings

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