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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Imagine if you were told right now that you had to drive hundreds of miles to save your life.

If you were at work or out then you just had to drive with what you had on you. No going back to your house to get anything and whilst you are driving you have thoughts of will you ever see your house again, or will it be burnt to the ground?

What if you were at work and your children were at school and all the panic and worry that will cause, or having pets at home and not being able to go back and get them.

Well this horrific nightmare has happened to thousands of people in Canada as fires continue to burn and those who had to flee are still living in temporary accommodation. 

  • How long before the fires are put out?
  • How long before they can go home and see if they still have have a home?
  • How long will they have to stay in temporary accommodation?
  • What will happen if their house is burnt down?
  • Will there be enough money in the insurance pot to pay for everyone?
  • Will there still be a job to go back to or will that have burnt down?
  • Will there be schools?
So many questions and no one has the answers. Really not a good place to be in, but I am sure that all those affected are working together with human compassion and caring to resolve all these issues as quickly and easily as possible.

What if: -

  • We could do something to help
  • Our thoughts, intentions and prayers would create more rain and put the fires out quicker
  • Sending Love, Light and Peace to all those in shock and trauma would give them inner peace and make living through it easier and calmer

Well we can do all of these things and the good news is: -

It is so easy for us to use our intentions to help anyone in need.

If you read and say this statement with feeling and emotion then you are helping those in need, and the more people who do this, the more powerful the intention will be and the universe or mother nature will respond.

Asking for Pure Source / Power of the Universe / God to send rain to Canada to put out all the fires now as quickly as possible; to send Love, Light, Peace and Healing to all those affected by the fires and to help rebuild their lives and the cities, homes, buildings affected by the fires; to keep all people safe and to protect all fire fighters who are doing such an amazing job. 
Thank you.

We can all use the Power of Universe any time to help ourselves, others and world issues. I have written Awaken to Peace to explain how we can do this, so that we have this amazing power of good being used all across the world.

Peace is not just lack of violence and war, peace includes calm for all, which means no illness, disease, poverty, lack, abuse and all the issues that so many are living in every day. 

If you were living through a disaster wouldn't you want others to help you? Then we need to do all we can to help others, because united group intention has so much power. 

Read Awaken to Peace and help make our world a much better place for everyone to live in.

Thank you for reading this article.
Blessings Michelle

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